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February 2009

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Back to LJ? Maybe

Just depends on whether I can remember to come here or not, but I'll try. I will use this to post all of my makeovers to Sims 2 pre-made characters, ones that the creators of the game created, which have their own storyline that I really do love. (& in some cases, LOVE to fix! lol)

Expect a journal of that level soon.

Also, I am very much into Digimon now, or at least Digimon Tamers, my main favorite there being Impmon. Naturally the purple thing helps a lot, but I also like the story behind him. Only thing I'm not OK with is the middle of the series, but then again most fans of this season aren't OK with that part of it. Otherwise he's probably one of my top favorites right now.

Then there's The Suite Life, both "of Zack & Cody", & the new-ish released spin-off, "on Deck". But I'm mainly in it for Arwin & Carey, a couple seen mostly in the original Suite Life series. Good news for this couple as well, it seems the writers of the show, although not completely clear on their intentions, thought about pairing Mr. Moseby up with Miss Emma Tutwhiler, the kids' school teacher aboard the S.S. Tipton, where the series takes place. Though Mr. Moseby's never really been an issue for Arwin in the series itself, a LOT of the show's fandom seem to enjoy the idea of Mr. Moseby paired up with Carey Martin, which to any true fan of Arwin X Carey, the couple means a rival pairing. Therefore, if fans have a true Moseby shipping to go nuts over, who knows, there might be hope for us AxC shippers as well. ^_^