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February 2009

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Finally on Live Journal

Okay, it looks like I finally got this thing working for me. I did switch user accounts, my old one was NekoGirlJBlove. So if you know me on that account, then yeah- same person. I switched user accounts because I liked this username better. That's all.

There might not be anything new here for awhile, but I hope to put any (good-quality) stories of my favorite romantic couples from the shows I like on here. But like I said, it could be awhile.

My main fandom at the moment: Hamtaro, the couple Dexter & Pashmina more specifically.

Other main shows I'm watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Fairly OddParents, almost anything Disney in the afternoon onward, & I'm trying to get back into Digimon too.

What's with my JN status anyways? Sorry, but because the Jimmy & Cindy couple annoys me a little too much these days, (it used to not bother me as much, I dunno why it does now) so I try to stay away from the fandom if I don't feel I can handle it. If I know you from this fandom & I have your IM (as long as its AOL, Yahoo, or MSN) username, then you just feel free to contact me, cause your likely to be a non-JC fan I've made friends with, or a J/C fan I can get along with pretty easily. Its just that I won't be on the forum much at all (I still go there, just not nearly as much), cause 1) I'm more into the Hamtaro show (& more importantly, the Dexter & Pashmina couple), & 2) I just can't handle the overwhelming J/C support anymore, like I said above.

So yeah, I definitely still want to be friends with you guys from the JN fandom, I just can't handle the JN fandom itself anymore, that's all.